BELOW you WILL FIND INFORMATION about a few selected projects that representS our way of working and our areas of expertise. 



ESS is a multi-scientific research facility based on the most powerful neutron source in the world. It is also one of the largest scientific infrastructure projects in Europe.

The wide range of scientific instruments provided by the ESS will be used each year by up to 3 000 scientists from different universities, institutes and corporations. Experiments will be performed in the facility that is not yet possible today.

The construction of ESS is conducted with the help of hundreds of scientists and engineers from around the world and the project has member countries in all of Europe.

The technical development continues alongside the construction of the research facility. 

our mission

Thanks to the ESS project Plan B as well as Sweden has taken another step within the BIM technology.

A structured an efficient information management process has been implemented by applying Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Everything from the publication of model files to the examination and approving of deeds are handled in the projects PLM system.

The complete management model in the PLM-system creates the possibility for the managers to efficiently handle the operation and maintenance of ESS after the project is delivered. By being a part of the creation of this management model, Plan B has created good conditions for a future efficient management process. 



håkan norberg

+46 70 325 35 45


Client: European Spallation Source ESS

Size: 65 000 square meters

Location: Lund, Sweden


About the project

 A large scale reconstruction of the water treatment plant in Henriksdal is planned by Stockholm Vatten.

Stockholm Vatten also has a large amount of documentation to manage.

To ensure the quality of the documentation consisting of instructions, drawings, model files etc.  is a challenge. 

our mission

We have defined a strategy for the implementation and enforcement of object models. 

A laser scanning of the existing water treatment plant was conducted. This is one of the largest laser scanning projects performed in Europe. 

Plan B developed instructions for the delivery of digital information as well as a denotation system for references that includes denotations for function and placing. 

Stockholm Vatten will introduce PLM during the spring of 2018 for projects in investment and management.



carl bylund

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Client: Stockholm Vatten

Location: Stockholm