We welcome Damir Omerovic to Plan B!

Damir Omerovic Bild 2.jpg

He is tired in the mornings and rarely wakes up in time, but is a super fast runner.

- A useful quality in the morning when I try to catch the tram.

Damir Omerovic is a new resident in Gothenburg and part of the Plan B team since a couple of weeks. He was born in Switzerland and moved as a six-year-old with his family to Jönköping in Sweden, where he lived and studied until this summer.

His greatest passion is to travel and preferably he sits with the sun in his face at some cozy café, somewhere in Europe, enjoying a cup of coffee or a cold beer with nice company. The favorite city is Barcelona.

For Damir, quality and accuracy is important in his work. At Plan B, he will primarily work with BIM and information coordination. He thinks the industry is exciting and looks forward to getting started.

- It is an industry that is facing a major paradigm shift. It is a complex sector with complex projects involving many people. It feels rewarding and meaningful to be part of a process that actually affects all people and it feels especially good to have ended up in a company that drives this change.

Damir has, as expected, many impressions to process after his first weeks at Plan B.
We are happy to have him i the team!