We welcome Disa Norén to Plan B!

Disa Norén Bild.jpg

She doesn’t like to wait for buses or decisions. However, she is very fond of brewing beer and playing the computer game Heroes of Might and Magic.

- At home I arrange LAN with others who can’t really let go of a computer game that came out in 1999…

This is Disa Norén, our new colleague in Stockholm!
Disa grew up on the country side just outside Örebro, but now lives in Stockholm with her partner. She has previously worked as a project manager assistent at Moment Arkitekter and at Schneider Electric. When asked why she chose this career, she answers:

- I’ve always been interested in technology and science subjects, so becoming an engineer felt like a natural way to go. Getting involved in and developing the physical environment is so much fun!

Disa will work with digital project management and implementation of more efficient working methods and tools in a number of projects. She has now done her first two weeks at Plan B and she is happy to finally be here.

The rest of us at Plan B share that joy and warmly welcome Disa to our team!