We welcome Filippa Udén to Plan B!

Filippa Udén - bild.jpg

She is an expert on the pink category in Trivial Pursuit and eating cheese and drinking red wine - preferably at the same time.

Geography or choreography are not her best subjects though.

- I struggle with right and left.

This is Filippa Udén, our new colleague in Malmö.

A global citizen who has been in Denmark, lived and lived in South Africa and Vietnam.

Filippa has worked with 3D and visualization since the 1990s and started at an architect's office early. She has held roles in both product development and marketing and sales. She thinks it is compelling to see new projects and neighborhoods grow and to be involved in creating attractive environments for marketing new construction projects.

In recent years she has worked as a consultant for the real estate industry. Her most recent assignment was within digital configuration of the housing sales process.

Filippa has joined our Malmö office, where she will work as a digitization manager, focusing on project management and creating new customer relationships.

- Of course, I will also focus on our growing Malmö office and will be involved in the developed of Plan Bs presence in the region.

We are looking for more employees to our Malmo office, so please contact Filippa or Pontus if you want to become a colleague with Filippa!