We have got a new employee in Gothenburg!


Amanda Berneblad has made her first week as an information coordinator at Plan B in Gothenburg!

After havning worked hard on a career as an opera singer, she made a big turn and began studying 3D design at the Handelsakademien in Gothenburg. The interest was born out of an already existing curiosity on 3D and when she randomly came over the word BIM, she started reading. After a little more research, there was no return.

Amanda will work as an information coordinator in several of our projects in the field of care. She is already deeply engaged in one of our major hospital projects, with much focus on utilizing cloud-based services to integrate workflows and link the project’s stakeholders closer together.

On the qustion of how it feels after the first working week, she answers:

“It feels good! A lot to take in and I look forward to learning a lot of new things. I already feel there is great development potential at Plan B. This will be fun!”

We are happy for our new team mate and we warmly welcome Amanda to Plan B!