Inspiration from Singapore

Plan's annual autumn conference brought us to Singapore!

We visited the National University of Singapore and were very impressed with the progress of full-scale 3D printing with multiple materials. We saw examples from China, Singapore and India. This is really happening and will shortly lead to significant changes for the industry.

Our visit to Virtual Singapore was equally impressive. A truly so-called digital twin of all of Singapore in a sophisticated PLM platform. More than 1200 different types of data layers, all combined in an integrated and collaborative environment with endless features and uses. The degree of detail is impressive and perhaps on the verge of being a little scary. For example, you can take a close look at individual trees, windows and the question is what more ...?

Our hosts were impressed by our work using Level of Development, Product Lifecycle Management and BIM Portals, which feels like a good benchmark.

... and as you can see, Plan B has grown significantly over the last year. We are now 25 people, but need to grow even more to meet the demand for our services. Please contact us!

Plan B visiting Virtual Singapore hosted by Dassault Systèmes

Plan B visiting Virtual Singapore hosted by Dassault Systèmes