We welcome Hampus Asp to Plan B!

Hampus Asp.JPG

He rarely loses a FIFA game and according to himself he is an incredibly poor loser.
Most of all in the world he enjoys being with his wife and their newborn daughter.
He grew up in Nyköping and when he was younger he wanted to become a football or handball pro.

Since Monday, he has been working as digitization manager at Plan B and is already deeply involved in the new buildning at Danderyds Hospital - a project where we are proud to contribute SLL/Locum in securing the healthcare of the future in Stockholm.

Most recently Hampus comes from Oscar Properties Bygg/Allegro Projekt, where he worked as block manager at 79 & Park, among other projects.

- I’ve always been interested in the creation process, but also the environment and climate. My career path feels like a good combination of this, says Hampus.

With his head full of impressions, a promising feeling for the future and the joy of being part of the Plan B team, Hampus has made his first week at Plan B.

We are delighted and warmly welcome Hampus!

Always correct and available information - using a digital information portal

Region Dalarna - Portal.JPG

We were asked by Region Dalarna to modernize their CAD requirements to BIM requirements. We took on the task and delivered it in the form of a digital information portal, instead of a traditional PDF.

The information portal is easy to navigate in, has a structured search function, the latest information is always available and updates are directly visible to everyone.

What we and Region Dalarna want to achieve is to make correct information and requirements available, which in turn facilitates everyone involved. It will be easier for Region Dalarna to clearly see what requirements there are and what to expect as end product. This will also make it easier for the project managers, who can clearly see what is to be delivered and when. Hopefully this also leads to fewer errors and a better process.

Young trainees at Plan B!

During week 21, Plan B in Gothenburg was visited by high school students Ella and Simon from Klarebergsskolan. They chose to do their 3-day internship with us after Engineers without Borders had been in contact with the school to inspire students to try the engineering profession.
Edona Binaku, information coordinator at Plan B, supervised the two students during their internship.

-Role models are very important when it comes to inspiring and motivating young people. Plan B’s local collaboration with EWB in Gothenburg is focused on reaching out to young students and hopefully arousing or strengthening an interest in the engineering profession, says Edona and continues:

-We have a special focus on girls, because we want to se considerably more female engineers in our society. It felt nice to be able to show both Ella and Simon that we are as many women as med in our office and hopefully they both carry that picture of how it can be to work as an engineer.

During internship, Ella and Simon got to model a house in Revit. They found inspiration from Beverly Hills and they were super happy with their result. After attending a BIM coordination meeting, they wanted to review their model in Solibri to avoid collisions in production.

Thank you, Ella and Simon, for fun and rewarding days!

New Opera in the Opera

The Royal Opera in Stockholm

The Royal Opera in Stockholm

It is a great honor for us to be involved in the rebuilding and extension of this icon.
The Royal Opera in Stockholm was built between 1892 and 1898 and its architecture has great cultural-historical values.

The project “New Opera in the Opera” entails renovation of the entire building and an extension to the Kungsträdgården. This, in turn, will result in a significantly improved work environment, increased volume for the operations, improved acoustics and more efficient logistics flows. In addition, environmental efficiency will increase by 40 percent!

As BIM coordinator in the project, we lead the work of coordinating and demanding project consultants regarding BIM level and working methods. We also have a controlling function and ensure that information deliveries comply with the requirements made.

We take great responsibility for training the project group and responding to BIM technical issues. By lifting the entire organization we can reach a better production result!

We welcome Elina Nilsson to Plan B!

Elina Nilsson.jpg

She loves to dance ang long dreamed of working as a professional dancer.
Later she thought she would become a dentist, to finally realize she wants to influence and contribute to the future building of society.

-The industry really needs to be developed and challenged and it is fun to be a part of the digital transformation that the industry is facing, says Elina and continues:

-It also feels awesome to be able to say that I am involved in getting a large infrastructure projekt, like Tvärbanan, to work.

Elina is most recently from Ramboll, where she worked as a CAD and data coordinator in the Tvärbanan project. At Plan B she remains in the same project and takes over from our colleague Pontus Espling and will thus have overall responsibility for model coordination.
She will work with digital review processes, 3D coordination and be responsible for the methodology of digital case management.

Elina also continues to support the project in CAD and data coordination issues.

This while she is studying her master at KTH. One of her super-features, according to herself, is multitasking.

Here’s how Elina summarizes her first work week:
-I already feel like a given part of the team. The first week of work also ended with waffle breakfast and game night in the office, so it couldn’t have been any better!

Lets Hack for humanity!

Plan B joins Open Hack in Gothenburg May 24-26, along with Contecht and the Land Portal Foundation.

Together we develop a spatial component for the Land Portal, which can manage, visualize and map different types of spatial data and information. We already have a working prototype and now we look forward to seeing som innovative ideas from the Open Hack participants; What new visualization types can you come up with? How can we include data mining and machine learning techniques? How do we improve the user interface to maximize a positive and simple user experience?

Rogier presents the new standard for review and approval of 3D models at BEAst's annual General Meeting

Our collegue Rogier Jongeling, also technical expert at BIM Alliance, held a presentation at BEAst’s annual General Meeting in Stockholm on May 7th. He talked about the standard for review and approval of 3D models, newly developed by BIM Alliance.

The standard is based on BEAst in combination with other standards for BIM. During 2019, BEAst and BIM Alliance will further develop the standard for 2D and 3D.

We at Plan B have already started to apply these standards in our projects and see great efficiency gains in the form of reduced duplication, more efficient communication, less paper and unnecessary file deliveries.

BEAst Årsstämma.png

Plan B makes major investments with top recruitments and a new office

Carl Bylund and Pontus Bengtson. Photo: Patricia Mellin

Carl Bylund and Pontus Bengtson. Photo: Patricia Mellin

Plan B has in short term top recruited two people in leading roles - and now a new office is opened in Malmö.
- I want to take the company to the next level, says Carl Bylund, who took over as new CEO in March.

New CEO Carl Bylund has previously had the role of regional manager at Plan B and has been a part of the company since 2011.

-Getting the opportunity to lead Plan B as we now take the next step in the development feels fantastic and challenging. Since the start in 2006, Plan B has a unique position on the market and we keep challenging the major players with new and smarter service deliveries - and of course we will continue to show that we stand for something new and something exciting, says Carl Bylund and continues:

-My focus as a new CEO is to take advantage of the expertise and the structural capital we have built up within the company and develop this into something that can challenge the market even in ten years. It is about finding the right direction for the business model, our range of services and our internal career platform.

New office in Malmö

As a part of Plan B’s development, Pontus Bengtson, who will become regional manager, is now recruited and will start up and run Plan B’s new office in Malmö. The business is scheduled to start in the spring of 2019.

-It feels great to come to a company where the decision-making processes are short, the environment is dynamic, the level of competence is high straight through and there is a fantastic ambition to drive forward. To build up the business in Malmö and for my own part come back to work in external projects again feels enormously fun and exciting, says Pontus Bengtson.

He comes most recently from WSP. In the role of Head of Project Technology, he has mainly worked strategically with the tools that WSP Sweden uses to produce, coordinate and deliver their projects.

Carl Bylund about the recruitment of Pontus Bengtson:

-In Pontus we get a great vitamin injection. His experience in technology development missions and commitment to industry development will be very important to us as we create a broader range of services and also establish an office in Skåne.

Market's first authorized BIMeye users!

To be able to help our customers use and choose the right tools for the right purpose and be a support in the processes, it is important to keep track of what is on the market and how it works. Mikael, Per, Elin, Amanda, Edona and Mathias last week became authorized users of BIMeye® and Plan B is thus first on the market to be able to offer this competence in this way.

Find out more about BIMeye® at www.bimeye.com


Highlights from our conference in San Fransisco!

The Plan B team gathered at Stanford University

The Plan B team gathered at Stanford University

Focus on fellowship, culture building, vision and innovation

On November 28, we went to San Fransisco on a four day conference.

Undoubtedly, our conferences are among the major highlights of the year. There is a true joy in being together, thinking together and being formed together.

During intense days we have talked about vision and meaning, equality and sustainability, communication and culture, future trends and development.

Rogier Jongeling (CEO) creates dialouge about our existence.

Rogier Jongeling (CEO) creates dialouge about our existence.

Inspiration, meetings and future collaborations

We had the honour of visiting the construction company DPR south of San Fransisco, which is characterized by its deeply rooted and extensive work with VDC (Virtual Design and Construction).
Eric Lamb, one of the founders of DPR, attended the meeting and talked thoroughly and inspiringly about their techniques, methodologies and processes - developed during long-term collaboration with Stanford University.

Eric Lamb, one of the founders of DPR

Eric Lamb, one of the founders of DPR

The same week, we visited Stanford University and its Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE).
Professor Martin Fischer and a number of PhD students presented current research, where topics such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important.
Plan B showed examples from our latest projects within Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), data mining and Business Intelligence (BI).

Professor Martin Fischer

Professor Martin Fischer

We had some inspiring and highly valuable days in Silicon Valley and will continue our exchange with both DPR and CIFE through some of our assignments in Sweden.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge


We have got a new employee in Gothenburg!


Amanda Berneblad has made her first week as an information coordinator at Plan B in Gothenburg!

After havning worked hard on a career as an opera singer, she made a big turn and began studying 3D design at the Handelsakademien in Gothenburg. The interest was born out of an already existing curiosity on 3D and when she randomly came over the word BIM, she started reading. After a little more research, there was no return.

Amanda will work as an information coordinator in several of our projects in the field of care. She is already deeply engaged in one of our major hospital projects, with much focus on utilizing cloud-based services to integrate workflows and link the project’s stakeholders closer together.

On the qustion of how it feels after the first working week, she answers:

“It feels good! A lot to take in and I look forward to learning a lot of new things. I already feel there is great development potential at Plan B. This will be fun!”

We are happy for our new team mate and we warmly welcome Amanda to Plan B!

Digital Case Management - a key to improved communication

"One key factor to a successful design process is to have an effective communication process, and that the right information is available at the right time in order to make the right decisions. Previous research suggests that traditional communication processes have led to difficulties creating common understanding between disciplines, a lack of transparency in information flow and fragmented data and information management create communication problems that lead to malfunctioning and additional costs."

These words introduces Kim Gustafsson’s and Marcus Qvist Nilsson’s (KTH) degree project "Improved communication within the design process with Digital Case Management".

During the spring of 2018, Kim and Marcus have done their degree work at Plan B.
In the study, they have analyzed data from case management systems, with the aim of finding innovative ways of utilizing it for improved management, quality assurance of projects and sustainable construction.

Read the full report here: http://kth.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2%3A1224041&dswid=9617

Kim & Marcus Exjobb.JPG

Victoria Hjalmarsson is here!


She grew up in Karlskrona and Stuttgart, has studied industrial economics in Sundsvall and has now landed in Uppsala to work in a number of Plan B's major industrial projects.

In addition to tennis and trips to the Alps, Victoria has a strong interest in data mining and artificial intelligence and studies various ways of using this in Plan B.
She will work with analyzes of the digital information we handle.

This data gives us, especially our customers, useful insights about what desirable and undesirable existing patterns, what decisions are needed and how management should be addressed.

 Welcome to the gang, Victoria!

New Stars at Plan B!

Cristina och Johannes.jpg

In early June we had the pleasure of welcoming Johannes Basmahji and Cristina Lázaro and to Plan B.

Johannes has worked for 7 years in major industrial projects as a designer and model coordinator, including KVV8 and Stora Enso. Johannes will work as project manager BIM in some of our industrial projects, including Northvolt.

Cristina has previously worked with strategies, trend reconnaissance and change management in the framework of a number of major research and development projects, and will work with change management in our projects, as well as projects within Smart Built Environment and other innovation programs.

Oscar Lindell applies the BEAst review- and approval standard

Our colleague Oscar Lindell applies the review- and approval standard which BEAST has developed in the project Albano by Akademiska Hus, using the issue management tool Jira. Yet another step in streamlining project and design management processes, and removing the paper from our desktops.

Read more about the application in an information sheet that the BIM Alliance has developed (Swedish).

Oscar is happy to participate in yet another digital review- and approval process!

Oscar is happy to participate in yet another digital review- and approval process!

National guidelines for BIM and geodata

On April 17, Rogier Jongeling of Plan B presented National BIM Guidelines and Geodata at the BIM Alliance Annual Seminar. Everything is freely available and open source.

There is still a lot of work left, but we are very pleased with what has been published now. Most of the material wil be available in English soon!

Plan B has already begun applying the material for a number of customers.

Please visit http://nrb.sbplatform.se

Finally here: National guidelines for BIM and geodata

Finally here: National guidelines for BIM and geodata

Hiral and Per join Plan B

In February, Hiral and Per joined us at Plan B.

Hiral has previously worked with cost estimation, production and facility management contracts. She has worked with cost estimates for civil works and housing. She will work with a number of major renovation projects and with the development of model-based cost-calculation methodology. Hiral will work from our Stockholm office.

Per will work with National guidelines for BIM and geodata, and a number of model coordination assignments. Per will work at our Uppsala office. We moved in December to a new office in Uppsala. The office is located right next to the train station. No, not the house with all the triangles, but the house just behind. Feel free to stop by for a coffee with BIM and PLM content!

Plan Bs new Uppsala office

Plan Bs new Uppsala office

A whole group at once!

In January, a whole group of new employees joined us at Plan B. So nice!

Maria, Edona, Fredrik, Angelica and Sandra join our team. They have previous experience from the offshore industry, construction industry and construction production as project managers and construction engineers.

They will, among other things, work in a number of large industrial plants, as well as some of our construction projects of which the Royal Opera House is one of. Welcome!

Plan works with digitization and BIM-coordination during the renovation of the Royal Opera

Plan works with digitization and BIM-coordination during the renovation of the Royal Opera

Inspiration from Singapore

Plan's annual autumn conference brought us to Singapore!

We visited the National University of Singapore and were very impressed with the progress of full-scale 3D printing with multiple materials. We saw examples from China, Singapore and India. This is really happening and will shortly lead to significant changes for the industry.

Our visit to Virtual Singapore was equally impressive. A truly so-called digital twin of all of Singapore in a sophisticated PLM platform. More than 1200 different types of data layers, all combined in an integrated and collaborative environment with endless features and uses. The degree of detail is impressive and perhaps on the verge of being a little scary. For example, you can take a close look at individual trees, windows and the question is what more ...?

Our hosts were impressed by our work using Level of Development, Product Lifecycle Management and BIM Portals, which feels like a good benchmark.

... and as you can see, Plan B has grown significantly over the last year. We are now 25 people, but need to grow even more to meet the demand for our services. Please contact us!

Plan B visiting Virtual Singapore hosted by Dassault Systèmes

Plan B visiting Virtual Singapore hosted by Dassault Systèmes