always forward with Passion!

constantly evolving products and processes by digitalization

and having a good time ALONG the Way



The name Plan B stands for an alternative way to work. We do not just have a nice brand and sound core values, but value that we practice what we preach. Our society experiences a number of major changes and Plan B wants to actively contribute to these processes.


Plan B wants to see more women in the construction sector. Our goal is to have a team with as many women as men at Plan B within five years. We also encourage our male colleagues to take an equally large part of the parental leave as women and have a generous policy for parents in Plan B.   


We are working actively on this issue by primarily working with actors and assignments that have high ambitions regarding sustainability and environmental profile, often with a life cycle perspective. We also have an active involvement in Engineers without Borders.   


Digitalization is changing our society and our work processes radically. By combining digitalization and project management, we are creating better products and better processes, which in turn contributes to a sustainable society, both in Sweden and globally.


We started off about 10 years ago as 3D CAD experts in projects and organisation. From the start we deliverd more than just CAD competence and work closely with project management on issues like design review, cost estimation, scheduling and environmental assessments. Since then we have developed our role and our relations. We now work with a combination of digitalization and project management.

Plan B is now a recognized player in the industry and is often awarded work in large, prestigious projects in which we are a natural part of the organization. We are for example responsible for the information structures in one of the world’s most modern water treatment plants and have coordinated the design of Sweden's largest biomass power plant.


We want to contribute to Sweden's transition to renewable energy and are for example eager to work on energy plus houses, wind farms, or why not Sweden’s first gigafactory for batteries? 

Plan B will continue to develop the combination of digitalization and project management. As a minor player we have the possibility to adjust adequately to the rapid development with digitalization. We see many opporunities and we really have just scratched the surface here.  We also want to take advantage of this process of change to change a number of patterns that need change; especially in terms of increased awareness for sustainability and for gender issues.


To continue our development and our journey we need to add more brains and more hands to our team. We are far ahead in what we do, actively promote gender equality and sustainability, have nice offices in historical buildings and a very good atmosphere among those who work with us. Please contact us if you believe that our values and our work sounds attractive!


We work together with a great number of partners to ensure a wide range of services to our customers. 

We are an active member in the BIM Alliance Sweden association and the innovation program Smart Build Environment to support unbroken and neutral information management in a life cycle perspective